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How does the search work?
The search helps to easily find the auto part. To do this, enter either the part code (OEM, AL codes) or the name in the search box and check out the product range.
Remember: after specifying the part name, the search will provide you with the full list of parts for this request. If you specify the part code, the search will be more specific.
What is the AL/OEM part code?
AL is ALVADI's marking identifying the vehicle part. OEM is original equipment manufacturer.
Do I need to register for making an order?
To make an order, registration is required. When registering, an individual login and password are assigned to create a customer's personal account. In the line "Customer Type", define yourself as an individual or a legal entity. In your account, you can view your order history.
How can I register?
To register, go to the registration section (in the upper right corner) and fill in the blank fields with personal information. Before registering on the site, please review the user agreement. Enter the desired login, e-mail address and mobile phone number, so that the site administration could contact you if necessary.
What is the best time for you to call?
You can call us Po-Pt 9:00-19:00, So 10:00-15:00.
Order terms
How can you find out the price of parts?
There are two ways. First, find the part you need by using the search. After selecting the part, you will know the price, availability and even approximate delivery time of the part. Second, call our contact number , and our specialist will answer your questions.
How to make an order?
- Add the goods to the cart by pressing "Add to Cart".
- Go to the order page by pressing "Go to Cart."
- Select the delivery method by pressing "Change Delivery".
- Press "Make Order"
How to pay for the order?
When pressing "Make Order", you will be redirected to the payment method selection page. Select the payment method and follow the instructions. After paying for the order, you will receive an invoice by e-mail confirming the successful conclusion of the transaction.
If you did not find a suitable payment method, or if you did not receive an invoice, please contact us by phone or by e-mail info@alvadi.pl.
How to ask a question to a specialist?
If you want to obtain information about parts, write a letter to info@alvadi.pl. In the letter, specify:
- Your contact phone
– Model and make of the vehicle
- Year and month of release
- Engine capacity and power
- Gasoline or diesel
- VIN code
When will I receive the answer to my question?
After receiving your letter, a specialist will contact you shortly to provide the necessary information. Try to specify as much data about the vehicle as possible, because it is important for processing the request and giving a quick response to it.
Loan and refund
Can I create an order and pay by installment?
At the moment, we do not provide an installment plan option. For more information you can contact us by phone or send a letter to info@alvadi.pl.
What if I want to return a product?
In case you want to return the goods for any reason, you need to notify our specialist of the matter. In the letter, specify:
- Order or invoice number
- Part code
- Reason for return
Only an accurate description of the problem will allow our specialists to return money to you in the shortest time possible or to send a new part.
Other questions
I added a product to the shopping cart, but at the payment step, it was missing. Why?
It is because the part is reserved only if has received a payment notification. If payment has not been made, the part can be sold at any time.
The ordered product does not look like on the photo in your catalog. Why?
All photos in the catalog are of illustrative nature and therefore may differ slightly from the actual external appearance of the goods.